We honour the ALVA Queen Bees.

Susie welcomed our guests and gave us a brief history lesson, touching on all of the major events over the last 40 years.  The 2019 committee were presented to our guests and they were joined by the previous Queen Bees of ALVA. Unfortunately, Rickie Hilder, Geraldine Fitzgerald and Sue Archer were unable to be there, but Rickie and Geraldine sent through a little video message for all the guests to hear. Ruby was the first to present Toni Stevens our Inaugural Queen Bee, with her gorgeous Monique Montez Flower Box and kewpie doll donated by Brian McCombe. Once the presentations were made, the Queen Bees all stood in line with a cheeky bevel  for Alfred to get the shot!

ALVA Queen Bees 2019

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