Tina Bursill – 40th Banquet Guest Speaker

Well, as if this wasn’t enough, we had the great pleasure of listening   to Susie and our guest Tina Bursill have a chat. Tina spoke of her parents, her life and career. And of course the work she is currently doing on the Channel 9 TV series Doctor Doctor. Tina was extremely natural, honest and so funny. With Susie’s guidance and conversation, Tina was able to share so much about herself and her life and for this we are incredibly grateful. As a relatively new member of ALVA, I take great pride in the work that we do. I love watching our Special Guests take in all that is ALVA. There is nothing like it in the country and the respect that they show for this is best part of these events for me.  The guests arrive, not really sure what they have gotten themselves into, and they leave telling everyone about ALVA.

Tina Bursill

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