ALVA brings in Springtime with style.

ALVA brings in Springtime with style.

Our Nomination Luncheon at Moore Park Golf Club was a spectacular event attended by 65 members and their guests. During this event, we received nominations for the 2020 ALVA Committee. These nominations are listed below.   

We would like to thank Etiquette Catering and Moore Park Golf Club for their stylish treatment of our event, their attention to detail and their level of service and care they showed our members and their guests. They went above and beyond to assist the association to provide us with an extraordinary buffet at an affordable price. Oh my goodness, all that seafood was amazing!   They were incredibly adaptable when our numbers exceeded the capacity of one room, generously providing the second room at no extra charge to ALVA. It is acts of kindness such as these that energise the committee to continue to find special venues such as this one. As we are all aware, the charity dollar is getting harder to find in the current environment, but we are comforted to know that old school values such as these still exist with Mike and the team at Etiquette Catering.

The ALVA Committee consists of 5 Office Bearers and 8 Committee Members. Full or Life Members are still eligible to nominate for any of the positions listed below. To put your name forward, contact Kerri Lacey –  Ph. 0412 505 323

  • President – Susie Smither                          
  • Vice President – Lisa Crouch 
  • Secretary – Kerri Lacey                               
  • Treasurer – Gayle Wakeling Taylor
  • Benevolent Treasurer – Pat Scroope       
  • Public Officer – Kathy Watson 
  • Committee:
    • Monique Montez    
    • Karen Beckett
    • Olive Johnston
    • Kaye Coleman         
    • Irene St John
    • Shirley McDonald
    • Di Georgeson 

Nominations close Monday 17th February 2020.