ALVA Celebrates an unprecedented milestone.

ALVA Celebrates an unprecedented milestone.

On August 2, 2019, ALVA – Women in Entertainment entered the history books with an unprecedented milestone. A little known charity that began in 1979 – always quietly going about it’s business, helping those in need, always in the “cone of silence” so a to respect the privacy of so many. 

It was on this day that ALVA passed the $1 Million Dollar threshold in benevolent assistance within the Entertainment Industry in Australia. This announcement was made by Pat Scroope, ALVA’s Benevolent Treasurer, at the Quarterly Nomination Members Meeting held at Moore Park Golf Club on Monday 23rd September 2019. Pat has been the voice of the ALVA benevolence for many, many years, always lending a kind ear to those in need. 

Many of the payments over the years have been for small but necessary financial relief such as utilities, medical bills including gap assistance, medical equipment and most importantly living assistance, allowing many to remain in their own homes longer.

It is fitting that in this 40th year of celebration, the committees of past and present be acknowledged for all their hard work and dedication to this charity. There are many in the entertainment industry and the community in general who would love to say thank you. 

ALVA, Cheers to you!