From the ALVA Vault…

From the ALVA Vault…

The year was 2003.  ALVA Women in Entertainment and the Actors Benevolent Fund were two major charities operating in Australia with a mission to assist those in the entertainment industry. ALVA helping those in Variety and Music and the Actors Benevolent Fund helping those in theatre and TV. 

The common bond of confidential and compassionate support has been strong for many years. ALVA is incredibly proud to have had the opportunity to assist their friends during a time of need. 

Michael Craig was the President of the Actors Benevolent Fund and Leo Brown the Secretary when it was brought to ALVA’s attention that the benevolent fund needed some help in order to continue. Kathy Watson and Pat Scroope lead the initiative to assist this fund with a single donation of $50 000. 

In 1979, ALVA members began raising money by holding Fetes, River Cruises and an Annual Ball.  After ALVA became a Registered Charity, Art Unions were introduced as a way of raising much needed funds. Throughout the early years, Maria Venuti AM (now patron) began the ALVA Race Days that saw massive support from all members of the entertainment industry. This was during time of Variety television. 

It was the action and dedication of the committee’s during these years that provided the funds used to help out our colleagues. ALVA continues to expand their assistance to those in need, especially during these uncertain economic times.