VALE: Shelley May

VALE: Shelley May

Good morning to all friends, relatives and colleagues of Shelley.  It is with great sadness that I have to let you know that dear Shelley passed away this morning (May 24) in Bethshan Aged Care at Wyee.  A few weeks ago, she sustained another fall and broke her hip, which resulted in a partial hip replacement operation, from which she has never really recovered. She has spent all of her time since then in bed and in pain, so I feel it is a happy release for her.

I have not been able to visit too much recently due to Covid restrictions and having to isolate, but I did finally manage to see her a few days ago and I was sad to see the decline both in her health and in her spirits. 

However, I was glad to have a reasonable conversation with her and see her smile.

Will we ever forget the wonderful talents of this amazing lady, who gave her life to show business and who never forgot she was a lady of style and dignity?

Rest in peace my dear friend…. always remembered with love.  

From Toni Stevens