Lifetime Achievement Award 2019

Lifetime Achievement Award 2019

Pat Scroope 

The Senior Executive decided that the 40th Year was a great time to present Pat Scroope with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Pat has worked tirelessly over the 40 years to ensure that ALVA is supported, protected and respected. She spends countless hours making sure that our members and fellow entertainers are looked after. The Inscription on the Award read:

In recognition of your extraordinary dedication and commitment to the Australian Ladies Variety Association. Your outstanding leadership, heartfelt counsel, care and concern for others has improved the lives of many other the last 40 years and we recognise and celebrate your selfless giving of time.

It was a standing ovation for Pat, but that was not the best part. The best part was the fact that we had a special gift lined up. Originally it was just going to be a nice box of goodies, however, this box was delivered by her daughter Sage Scroope who had flown in from Hollywood that morning to surprise her Mum.

Turns out, Susie contacted Sage asking her to send a little video message for her Mum because we were honouring her with a Lifetime Achievement Award. All we were expecting was a video message. You can imagine Susie’s shock when Sage messaged her to say that she was already at LAX airport and she would be there in the morning. So the biggest Cone of Silence descended as Lisa, Kerri and Susie hatched the surprise plan. Well, you could have blown Pat over with a feather with Dad Doug  a mess of tears.  It was just exceptional and really made my day.

A message from President Susie –  I would like to confirm Sage Scroope organised and paid for her own flight from Hollywood. It was her way of honouring her Mother’s great achievements and was not going to miss it for the world. In no way was ALVA involved in any travel arrangements.  In true Pat form, that night, she transferred the money for Sage’s ticket, all $90. Always giving, never taking.

And apologies to my amazing committee for not even letting the secret out to them. Needed to minimise who knew so the secret didn’t inadvertently slip out and into Pat’s shell pink ears!

Sage Scroope arrives to surprise her mum.

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