ANNOUNCING  Banquet Guest Speaker

                    Tina Bursill

                 15th April 2019

                    Le Montage


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     Banquet Guest Speaker: 

      Denise Drysdale

      Monday 22nd May, 2017

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Want to Join the Committee?

So you want to join the committee. Well this is a bold move and we welcome you with open arms. The first thing that you need to be in a full member. If this is you, then all you need to do is get nominated. This is a simple process. Each year, there will be a nomination luncheon or a call for nominations. You just have to fill out an application and get that supported by another member and you are away. On the last Monday in February, we will hold the AGM at which time the nominations will be voted upon. If you are successful, then you will take hold of your position immediately. 

If you are taking over an Executive Position like President or Vice President, then there will be plenty of support with the hand over. You will officially be sworn into office at the Annual Banquet. 

Committee Nomination Form 2017

Proxy Voting Form 2017

ALVA Events

ALVA Events

Each year ALVA has a number of events. Some of these events are in the yearly calendar like the Banquet and the Christmas Ball. Others happen in the spur of the moment as the need arises, like a specific fundraiser to help someone in the community. Regardless, all of these events are a sight to behold and offer you the opportunity to not only enjoy each others company, but to also help others in the process. 

You might have a great idea for an event. Why don’t you drop us a line and let us know about your great idea. Just shoot us a little email with all the details. 

Corporate Support

ALVA is a non profit organisation which relies on income from rental properties, functions and the generous support of members and the wider community . This allows us to continue helping many entertainers and other members of the community who unexpectedly find themselves in need of assistance.

Over the years, ALVA has been involved with many supportive businesses. Tony Packard generously donated cars for the Art Union fundraising events, and Darrell Lea was always a major supporter with the late Jason Lea being very much apart of our events. Many businesses in the hospitality industry and the fashion industry have supported us by providing major prizes and auction items and Hardy’s Wines continues to donate champagne every year for our major events, thanks to our Patron Lady Joan Hardy. These donations were usually arranged through the connections made by committee members.

ALVA is always interested in building relationships with businesses and can offer a number of options to enable you to support us in an effective and sustainable way. Matching events with specific businesses, sponsoring Auction items and single fundraisers, and there is also the option to address our members at a number of luncheon fundraisers.

ALVA has had the pleasure of working with some of Australia’s much loved businesses. Please take some time to visit our Sponsors – past and present. For further information about connecting your business with the vital work by ALVA Inc, contact Susie Smither, ALVA President by emailing