Membership Information

How to Become a New Member.

It is through the support of our Membership through the attendance at our functions and donations that we can carry on all of our Benevolent Work!

Membership requirements:

  • Full Member – Must be or have been an entertainer, or must be currently married to a full time entertainer.  Fees: first year $40, annual renewal $20 (open to females only)
  • Associate Member – these members do not need to be entertainers but they do need have a genuine interest in the entertainment industry. They can be friends and relatives of entertainers. These applicants need to attend ALVA Functions for at least 12 months before applying for membership. Fees: first year $35, annual renewal $15 (open to females only)
  • Life Member – only open to Full members. One time Fee: $200
  • Forty Year Fellowship – this is a yearly donation of $40. It was introduced in our 40th Anniversary Year. It is open to anyone wishing to support this amazing organisation. (open to males and females)

Joining process: To become a member of ALVA, simply fill out a membership form – ALVA membership application form –  and either email to us or send a copy to PO Box 30, Ramsgate NSW 2217. 

Your application will be tabled at the next committee meeting and we will contact you as soon as it has been processed.