Want to Join the Committee?

So you want to join the committee. Well this is a bold move and we welcome you with open arms. The first thing that you need to be is a full member. If this is you, then all you need to do is get nominated. This is a simple process. Each year, there will be a nomination luncheon or a call for nominations. This is usually around September/October. You just have to fill out an application and get that supported by another member and you are away. On the last Monday in February, we will hold the AGM at which time the nominations will be voted upon. If you are successful, then you will take hold of your position immediately. 

If you are taking over an Executive Position like President or Vice President, then there will be plenty of support with the hand over. You will officially be sworn into office at the Annual Banquet. If you are interested in electing for committee, please send an email to our Queen Bee Susie Smither – president@alva.org.au